NEW "Haunted" EP Available NOW!

You can get our new "Haunted" EP on all major streaming platforms as of yesterday! We decided to make the most of our time off during the pandemic and create more new music for you, so why not make something fun for our favorite holiday! Although these songs aren't exclusively Halloween songs, they are all spooky in their own way.

Songs include:

Nightmare In Elmwood -  Living so close to a cemetery will remind you that you're on a path that ultimately leads to the same place as everyone before us. The difference is how you choose to spend your time here above the dirt. Nightmare In Elmwood is song about mischief and night time activities in the cemetery and finding out who you really are.

Black Magick - A story of experimentation in the dark arts. This wicked song was the initial inspiration for making the Haunted EP and was co-written by a long time friend of the band, Dallas Dwight, who created the music on the early demo of the song. The song took a twist once it was recorded by the band and it has proven to be a true monster and favorite amongst the fans.

Midnite - This song tells a story of a ghost prostitute named "Midnite" who lures in lonely men to seduce them into killing themselves to be with her in the afterlife. It started out as a hair metal style ballad that our bassist, Deadman, brought to the band and we turned it into a dark thriller that fell perfectly in-line with our Haunted EP theme. It's another fan-favorite as well.

Love Lies (Haunted) - An all-acoustic take of our song off the first album with accompanying vocals by our good friend Madeline Seeds. Originally we were playing the song at a house party on a couple of acoustic guitars when she joined in on some backing vocals that were too hauntingly good to leave off of this EP. 

Find it on your favorite streaming platform and add it to your Halloween playlist or any playlist that you want to rock! Thank you for your support!